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Barcode Label Design and Print Solutions

Your business must properly label and identify it's products, whether they are destined for the retail market, being shipped to another business, or are stored in-house either as inventory or as assets. When choosing the right solution there is a lot to consider; the environment the labels will be exposed to, the surface they are being applied to, the volume of labels being printed, the regulations that determine what information appears on the label, and on and on. Your best bet is to talk with us, the barcode label pros, and let us explain the different options and guide you in making a decision. We offer pre-printed label services, low-volume economy printers, industrial high-volume printers, software for label design, on-demand solutions for the office as well as solutions for shop floor and high-production environments.

Different Software For Different Needs

  • Loftware Label Manager (LLM) for designing your own label formats.
  • CodeStar for simple way to print compliance labels.
  • Label It for a shop floor on-demand label printing solution.

Warehouse Label Replacement

Sometimes the product you label is not your own. Warehouses that distribute all types of product from various producers often must regenerate a label to replace one that is damaged, or one that cannot be properly scanned by the in-house system. Our all-in-one label printing station includes a handheld scanner to scan label barcodes, a scale if product must be re-weighed, as well as software to store product descriptions and lookups to in-house item codes.

Tool crib Management System

Barcoding your assets is a great way to keep track of where they are. By adding a hands-free scanner to a PC, plus the right software you have the basis for a simple to use tool crib system. With ItemTrakker, staff identify themselves by scanning their id badges, then sign out tools and equipment by scanning the item's barcode. When the tool you need is not there consult ItemTrakker's database. This system has been used to track keys at a penitentiary.