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RouteTrakker Pick-Up & Delivery

Built upon a core set of functions comprising a basic mobile pick-up and delivery solution, the RouteTrakker system is targeted for the medical waste disposal industry. At the heart of the system is the Honeywell CK75 mobile computer, with a bright, colour display, pen touch screen, and Microsoft® Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system. When coupled with the RouteTrakker for Windows Mobile software the driver is able to choose a route on the handheld, and is then presented with the details of each stop along the route. At each stop the driver scans the items to fulfill the order, and this information gets transmitted to the RouteTrakker PC software. The CK75 offers wireless options for transmitting data back and forth to the unit. RouteTrakker for PC includes easy to use screens to manage each device, create routes and customer stops, and view scanning data. It also includes an additional module to capture and store the weight of each load.


  • Substituting an Honeywell Windows Mobile handheld scanner gives a less expensive, batch transfer system.
  • PC application for Windows® Vista, and 7.
  • "Soft" route direction, allows driver to pick routes and vary order of the stops.
  • Designed to be easily expanded and modified.

Track Assets Better With Handheld

If an important component of your job is to keep track of your business' equipment or other assets, consider the benefits of an barcoded asset system. An Honeywell CK3 scanner is rugged enough to handle the drops and dings you'd expect in a typical industrial environment, and is powerful enough to quickly search and update a complete database of assets. With this system you can locate a piece of hardware or tool quickly, add new items by going to the building or site, and perform partial or complete inventory updates.

Handheld Inspection & Verification System

Equipping staff with a portable, rugged handheld computer like the Honeywell CK75 is one of the most cost-effective ways to manage complicated data management tasks. One example is with our inspection and verification system. Designed as a simple way to ensure that regular inspections of equipment such as fire extinguishers, refrigeration units, and mechanized equipment are carried out as scheduled, and that proper printed verification is posted, this system comes with PC software to allow you to define what steps are to be followed and how often.