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Web Payroll Internet Application

For a business operation that extends across many offices in multiple cities, the Internet is the best way to gather data from company personnel, while pushing out information they need to do their jobs. Advatek's web payroll application is a data collection and reporting tool used by managers of a chain of hair salons. The managers for each salon can access the web application using their home computer, an internet connection and a password. On a weekly basis they sign on and key in their staff's hours and sales totals. They are able to print reports highlighting payroll totals and the salon's performance. This information is also available for the district manager to access, and with this shared information at hand they are able to better communicate company directives and provide recommendations.

With The Internet You...

  • upload captured data from various sites to a central database
  • provide data sharing and reports to remote users
  • connect mobile users with applications over a cell network.
  • keep 2 or more systems that feed and share data with each other in sync

Software Support with TeamViewer

TeamViewer® is a technology that helps us to service and support our customer's software over the internet. As a part of our support program you don't need special software or computer equipment; your only responsibility is an internet connection. With TeamViewer we are able to see your computer screen to better understand problems and answer questions, take control of the PC to alter PC settings and examine log files, and transfer files to and from the PC to perform upgrades and install new utilities. The allow connection icon is easily turned off when not required, ensuring your PC is safe from intrusion.

Thin Client Solutions With ASP.NET

When speaking about web applications you might immediately think about the internet and public domain networks. However web applications as a solution for inside the office is now often the first choice for new software projects. These "thin client" solutions have a distinct advantage over a traditional client-server when it comes to the ease of installing and maintaining a many-PC user base. With only a browser required, any client PC on the office network is enabled out of the box. Advatek recognizes this, and is committed to intranet based solutions using Microsoft's® ASP.NET® platform.