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Track Labour Costs With Automated Time Keeping

A TimeTek system uses computer based timeclocks to provide your business with the advantages of up to the minute attendance, software tools to quickly prepare hours for payroll, and accurate labour costing. With assigned employee badges personnel can easily scan into their work function, and management is then able to more accurately determine the true costs associated with each process, work order or product. TimeTek includes a Windows PC application that provides a simple to use interface that makes it easy to make time corrections and do reports. It supports multiple users, so your supervisors and management team are able to use the system to gather the information they need without compromising payroll data. TimeTek can prepare data for several popular payroll programs including Simple Accounting.

System Specs

  • Includes rugged Ricelake 1280 timeclock with IP66 rating against dirt and moisture.
  • System supports up to 3000 employees and unlimited timeclocks.
  • Built on Microsoft's SQL-Server database server.
  • Flexible with support for a range of keyboard and connectivity options.

Bonus Calculation System

When employees are paid wholly or in part by the amount they produce it is important to have a system that can quickly and accurately track this information. Our bonus system is designed for the production floor environment, and allows each employee to either scan in with a badge, or key in an id number. Then the system can gather information on the product, the accumulated weight, and the number of tubs. Includes Windows PC software that allows supervisors to define rules for calculating bonus pay.

PalletTrakker QA System

By equipping QA personnel with portable handhelds, the PalletTrakker system allows them to quickly identify problem pallets, log the occurrence by selecting from a list of reason codes, and quarantine the pallet to prevent it from being shipped. Windows PC software gives them an easy way to add reason codes, release quarantined pallets, and examine reports so as to more easily spot declines in overall quality that can be used to help eliminate the cause.