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Truck System Prints Tickets On Demand

In an effort to reduce the time spent waiting for transportation certificates to be issued, the Loadslip system lets the drivers print the tickets themselves at a weatherproof sign-in station. The station includes a ticket printer, badge scanner, and a computer terminal, encased in a rugged, stainless steel enclosure. The terminal program is designed to be easy to use, prompting the driver at each step, while ensuring that all the pertinent information about the truck's load is collected. The controller personnel manages the station with a Windows PC application. From there they can add new drivers, set up the data tables for load type, trailer types and destinations, as well as edit the fields from a slip to fix mistakes. The data for each load is stored at the PC and used in reports as well as packaged for export to a separate ERP system.

System Components

  • Rice Lake 1280 programmable indicator with large, bright display.
  • IDTech FX100 imager.
  • Star model 992 ticket printer.
  • Connects via ethernet network to host PC.
  • Includes transaction and slip report.

Gate System Gives Trucks Access

OpenGate is an automated access control system that allows the operator to set the time and even the days that each vehicle is permitted access. The signal to open a gate is given only for a valid badge scan, and that can be triggered without the driver having to leave the truck. All gate activity for trucks entering and exiting is saved to a PC application, so that personnel know which trucks are on site at any given time. Able to support multiple gates, each site can be remotely connected using only a phone line. Built to work with a typical traffic PLC that controls lights, loop detectors.

Load Tracking For Road Construction

By tracking the truck loads at the scale and at the dump site, LoadTrakker helps to ensure that material that leaves the quarry gets delivered to the proper dump site. Each scale is equipped with a Weigh-Tronix scale indicator and an Honeywell printer, and each load ticket is recorded with data about driver, load's contents, and destination. At the dump site each load is checked with a Honeywell CK75 scanner, and this data is compiled at the PC application. Report tools puts facts at the controller's fingertips such such total weight delivered per truck, average trip time, and composition of fill per dump site.