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Dairy-Pack Solution Covers All Stages Of Processing

A comprehensive packaging and tracking solution for the dairy industry, Dairy-Pack will follow the product throughout it's processing. At the block former stage cheese is formed into chunks that are check weighed to ensure they are within a target range, assigned a batch number, and labeled with product details such as ingredients, best before and storage dates. A pallet label is applied, and this is scanned when the blocks are taken from the cooler to final packaging. At the final packaging stage each dairy product can be individually weighed and labeled, and sophisticated weighing algorithms help the packer to get the case weight to within the target range. Each weighing station includes an automated mechanism to identify samples used by quality control.

System Specs

  • Uses rugged Honeywell VM3 computer terminals running Microsoft 10
  • Different label formats can be assigned to each product and customized by the user.
  • Software for Windows 10 includes detailed product table setups and label format

ThruPut For Seafood Processors

Designed to help seafood processors by handling the information component of their business, the ThruPut system automates product labeling, production reporting, inventory management, and order entry and shipping. Choose from among a selection of hardware and software components and features to create farm vouchers, shipper’s manifests, customer invoices, track value-added yields, as well as wireless data collection.

Rail, Floor & Bench Scale Integrated Meat Packing Solution

Designed track product as it travels through each stage of processing, Meat-Pack combines rail & floor scale ticketing and data capture for animal identification, together with bench scales for labeling product cases. The weighing stations are equipped with a Rice Lake 1280, as well as a rugged Honeywell P Series label printer, and includes features for handling automatic tares, standard weight products and rework.