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ScanMate Wireless Shipping

ScanMate helps to streamline order-picking and shipping by putting a handheld computer in the shipper's hands. Portable and rugged, having an Honeywell CK3 gives the picker an online view of the orders and details as they are being filled. Any changes are updated on-the-fly without requiring the picker perform a refresh. Each item scanned is verified to ensure that it belongs on the order, reducing mistakes. Inventory levels on the PC are continuously updated with each item scanned, and with the addition of a label printer such as the Honeywell PM4i, the picker can reprint tags for pallets that are broken to fill orders. ScanMate comes with a Microsoft Windows 10 application, that has easy to use screens to build a product database, enter orders, and print shipping manifests. An optional receiving module can be added that will allow you to decode barcodes from your various suppliers, and also to print labels for products that are not barcoded.

System Options

  • Supports vehicle mount VM3 as well as handheld models CK75,CN80.
  • Supports multiple scanners working on the same order.
  • Full featured system supports item substitutions and additions.

Wireless Network Advantage

More and more businesses are investing in wireless networks not only to support their mobile systems but also to provide quick network hookups for personnel with laptops, as well as choosing VOIP as a portable phone solution. Looking beyond single-site installations, some municipalities and campuses are looking at WAN coverage over large areas. Considering a WLAN? We've got you covered with Cisco® and Honeywell® line of network products. Contact us and we can provide information and an RF site survey of your facility.

Fixed Scanner Order Shipping

Filling an order without mistakes gets much harder when the boxes to fill number in the hundreds. To combat this problem we've integrated a fixed scanning solution into our ScanMate shipping system. By positioning an omni-directional laser scanner along the conveyor the system scans each passing box. An Honeywell VM3 checks each scan to ensure that the box belongs on the order. If the wrong product passes by the conveyor the system notifies the shipping personnel before product is packed onto the truck.